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India’s first mobile phone for kids

The easyfone Star comes with a host of safety features, the likes of which have never been seen in India before. The phone restricts calls (incoming & outgoing) to only pre-configured numbers so that the child can only talk to known people. Further, it has no internet browsing capability & comes with a GPS which allows parents to track their child when required. In addition, the easyfone Star comes with a dedicated SOS key which allows children to seek help quickly in emergencies.

One very important feature of the phone is that all important & critical settings can only be configured through the company’s website through a service called “CareTouch” and these settings cannot be changed on the phone by anyone. Besides making it tamper proof, CareTouch also lets the parent make changes to settings remotely when they are in office or are traveling to some other part of the world.

Outside of safety, the easyfone Star also comes with features that help children become more organized and responsible. Parents can set “do not disturb” time windows and can also set up reminders & schedules for study time, activities, B’days etc for their children.

Rahul Gupta, the CEO & Co Founder of the company said “we are extremely pleased to launch easyfone Star – India’s first phone for kids. The easyfone Star addresses the needs of parents who want a phone that helps their kids be more safe & connected – but without the downsides that existing products offer. The easyfone Star has been designed especially for children – essentially as a safety device and we have filed patents for the same. We will soon be launching more such products for children as well as others who have unique needs that existing products do not address.

Available in five colors at a pocket friendly price of Rs 3,490, the phone’s keypad can be personalized with pictures of contacts – thereby making it unique for every child. The phone is available on the company’s website www.easyfone.in and leading ecommerce platforms.

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